This is a 36" plotter from HP. Haven't used it for almost 10 years, but it should work. Also have various pens and carousels for the pens.
It is currently not working. Needs a compressor. Taking up space for me so I just want it gone. May cost about a grand to fix.
FREE SPA You Pick Up Flatbed Trailer would be helpful. 6x6 5 Person Spa. Heat Pump is not working. I hear it is an easy fix.
Free Queen sized, double pillow-top mattress. This is the mattress only NO box spring included. Mattress over 15 years old but is in good shape, free to a good home. Serta brand.
His name is Otis and he is about 3 years old. Hes a really good dog, a little chubby. Free to a good home because I am moving and cannot take any pets.
We are looking for a nice family that our small Chihuahua can be a part of. We currently dont have enough time to spend with him due to our work and school schedules. He likes to stay warm under blankets.